Our Practice Management Team ensures your involvement with 12KBW is positive and professional. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will recommend the most suitable barristers for your case. We recognise the need for efficiency and cost effectiveness, as well as clarity on fees and timings.

Please note that, unless you are instructing us on a licensed access or public (direct) access basis (see below), 12KBW barristers cannot accept instructions directly from members of the public or companies, but only through a solicitor instructed on your behalf. See below for further information about instructing 12KBW.

Services for Solicitors

Our Practice Management Team will ensure you are recommended the most suitable barrister or team of barristers in accordance with your requirements.

  • 12KBW barristers appear in all courts, employment and other tribunals in England and Wales, as well as employment tribunals in Scotland and Northern Ireland. We also undertake cases in other jurisdictions. Five barristers are qualified to practice in Northern Ireland.
  • We have 12 accredited mediators and support the range of ADR options.
  • Our barristers are based nationwide which can provide greater flexibility in terms of conference locations and coverage of work



Please contact a member of the Practice Management Team to discuss fees. Our team take a commercial and flexible approach and will discuss the most suitable fee structure for your case.

Terms & Conditions

12KBW has agreed terms & conditions with most of our clients.

Where we have not reached agreement on the terms on which 12KBW barristers are retained, our Standard Terms & Conditions will apply.

Download a copy of our Standard Terms & Conditions.

Services for Licensed Access Clients

A number of professional bodies are now licensed to enable their members to instruct barristers directly for advice.

Professional Clients

For the full list of licensed access bodies click here

If you would like to discuss your specific case and how we can assist, please contact our Director of Clerking, Oliver Parkhouse, or our Senior Clerk, Graham Johnson.

Corporate Clients

In many cases it may be to your advantage to instruct a barrister directly, rather than via a solicitor; for example, if you only need specific advice on an issue or representation at a hearing, it may be more economical to instruct a barrister directly.

Some company clients are able to use the licensed access scheme detailed above in order to instruct directly.

Otherwise, you will need to speak to our Director of Clerking, Oliver Parkhouse, or our Senior Clerk, Graham Johnson, about instructing one of our barristers who are authorised to accept public access work directly from clients (often called direct access).

Services for Public Access Clients (also known as Direct Access)

The Public Access Scheme Guidance for Lay Clients

Unless instructing through the licensed access scheme, 12KBW barristers cannot normally accept instructions directly from members of the public or companies. However, some 12KBW barristers are authorised to accept public access (also known as direct access) instructions directly from companies and individuals in appropriate cases.
There are specific considerations, such as client care letters, agreements on fees and the extent of work that a barrister is able to do.

These barristers and their practice managers have specific client care training and will provide documents setting out the details of the agreement, particularly in respect of the fees to be charged. These are similar to solicitors’ client care letters.

Barristers are only permitted to carry out certain aspects of the legal work on a case; they can advise you in writing or at a meeting, and they can represent you at hearings. Please be aware that they cannot, for example, correspond with your opponent on your behalf or otherwise conduct the litigation for you.

It can sometimes be to your advantage to instruct barristers directly if you need specific items of advice and representation as hearings. However, if you need someone to help deal with your opponent, it would be more appropriate to instruct a solicitor. When instructing a solicitor it is possible to specify the barrister or chambers you wish them to instruct, but the relationship will then be between your solicitor and the barrister they instruct.

The 12KBW barristers who are authorised to accept public access instructions are:

If you are interested in instructing a 12KBW barrister on a public access basis, in the first instance please complete the public access form.

Quality Assurance

We aim to provide our clients with an unrivalled service. In order to achieve this, we ask clients to provide us with feedback at every opportunity.

If you are visiting us we would welcome your views on the facilities and service we have provided – simply complete the feedback form and return it to us.

Alternatively, if you prefer, simply email or call our Director of Clerking, Oliver Parkhouse, or our Senior Clerk, Graham Johnson, with your feedback.

Obviously we hope that you are always satisfied with the service which you receive. If, however, you need to make a complaint, the 12KBW Complaints Policy sets out how you can make a complaint and the other options open to you.