Whilst familiar with the high value personal injury cases arising  out of road accidents and accidents at work the majority of Adam’s practice involves overlaps between PI and other areas of law. For example claims arising out of land ownership; occupiers’ liability, private and public nuisances and trespass and in the context of the liability of statutory bodies; highway duties, housing disrepair, regulatory powers and planning.

He is also familiar with areas not involving personal injury such as boundaries and easements, housing, leases and other commercial contracts such as those for construction work and the supply of goods. He has also advised in professional negligence claims in the context of these fields.

He acts for highway authorities in defence of claims for flooding made by householders adjacent to the highway and for private landowners in claims for nuisance caused by flooding as well as the more usual tripping and slipping claims.

He has advised suppliers, land owners and neighbors on the legal duties and consequences of oil spillage and Material Loss claims from fire and flood including those for business interruption, the loss of or damage to a business asset and to real property.

Adam has given talks to solicitors and professional organisations on the following:

Tree Roots and Subsidence; Neighbour Disputes; Liability for Mains and Sewers.

Adam regularly lecturers to solicitors on property matters and other subjects such as e-disclosure.


Leeds University (BA Hons Philosophy), Polytechnic of Central London (DipLaw)


Personal Injuries Bar Association

London Common Law and Commercial Bar Association


The Law Society -v- Recall (UK) ltd [2013] Commercial Court
A commercial dispute over the conduction of a contract for archive services giving rise to applications for interim relief in the commercial court.

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The Court of Appeal concerned with the law on the abandonment of a right of way by development of the land benefited.

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