Rory has extensive experience in cases involving personal injury of all kinds, including: Clinical Negligence, Employer’s and Public Liability, RTA’s and Credit Hire, Fraud, Product Liability, Industrial Diseases, and CICA cases.

He has a particular interest in cases involving clinical negligence and is regularly instructed in claims ranging from sub-standard cosmetic surgery to catastrophic brain injury, and death in children arising from obstetric and paediatric negligence.

In addition to his civil practice he frequently represents families at inquests in which clinical negligence is suspected, an example of which led recently to a successful settlement on behalf of parents bereaved by obstetric negligence. He also represents the families in cases involving deaths in custody.

He is a season ticket holder at Fulham Football Club. He likes to spend his spare time camping, riding his road bike and hiking through the mountains and exploring the beaches of northern Scotland with his wife and two children. His love of nature and the outdoors has inspired his travels, including 3 months working on a mobile safari in Botswana and several weeks spent in a tent in the national parks of the USA. He has always enjoyed singing and acting. He is an avid reader of historical novels and history books. He is especially interested in the Peninsular/Napoleonic wars and Roman history.

Personal Injury

Since joining chambers in 2011 Rory has gained extensive experience in all kinds of personal injury litigation including:

  • Clinical Negligence,
  • Employer’s and Public Liability,
  • RTA’s and Credit Hire,
  • Fraud,
  • Product Liability,
  • Industrial Diseases,
  • CICA cases.

He is frequently instructed by local authorities, insurers and the MIB as well as undertaking work for claimants on a CFA basis.

Appearing in personal injury trials on a weekly basis over the last five years has enabled him to gain considerable advocacy experience and to develop excellent client handling skills.

He is regularly instructed by local authorities in a variety of work, but has developed a particular interest in cases involving schools.

As with many members of chambers he has been brought up on a diet of Road Traffic cases including cases involving suspected fraud, exaggerated claims, claims involving CRPS, and Low Velocity Impact (“LVI”) work. Being a keen road cyclist himself, Rory has developed a keen interest in cases involving cyclists.

In addition to his legal practice Rory has contributed to the Personal Injury Law Journal on many occasions, and regularly lectures on a wide variety of personal injury topics.

Clinical Negligence

Rory has a particular interest in cases involving clinical negligence and is regularly instructed on behalf of Claimants in claims ranging from:

  • failure to diagnose tendon injury resulting in permanent disability,
  • delayed diagnosis of appendicitis,
  • negligently preformed shoulder/knee surgery,
  • failure to provide fully informed consent,
  • substandard dental care;

to claims involving deaths attributed to:

  • negligent paediatric and / or neonatal care;
  • the administration of unindicated drugs;
  • delayed treatment / failure to follow clinical pathways.

Recent successful concluded claims have included:

  • A claim on behalf of a patient who had undergone negligently performed cosmetic surgery and follow-up care resulting in life-threatening sepsis, substantial necrosis and tissue loss, and significant disfiguring scarring.
  • A claim on behalf of a mother for psychiatric injury caused as a result of the death of her newborn baby following negligent obstetric and neonatal care.

Rory has recently completed a series of lectures on the law of consent in clinical negligence cases following the decision of the Supreme Court in Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board, and wrote an article on the subject in the Personal Injury Law Journal (for whom he regularly provides case commentaries).

He regularly lectures on a variety of aspects of clinical negligence and is a member of AvMA.

In addition to his civil practice he is frequently instructed to attend inquests in which clinical negligence is suspected.

Prior to joining chambers Rory spent a year as a paralegal in the Clinical Negligence Department at Leigh Day & Co. solicitors. Here he gained extensive experience in complex and high value clinical negligence cases involving brain damage, severe disabilities or death in adults and children arising from negligent obstetric, paediatric, surgical, A & E and cardiac treatment, and in cases of delay in diagnosis and treatment of cancer.


Over the last few years Rory has gained considerable experience in representing families at inquests in which clinical negligence is suspected:

These deaths have included investigations into very complex areas of medicine and science including:

  • obstetrics
  • neonatalology
  • paramedic and ambulance care
  • neurology and neuroradiology
  • general surgery
  • urology
  • emergency medicine

He has also gained experience in:

  • Article 2 inquests, involving deaths in custody and suicide;
  • Road traffic inquests (on behalf of both insurers and families).

Such undeniably upsetting cases – often very close to the time of the death of a loved one and in difficult circumstances – involve careful and considerate client handling skills that are not always required in civil cases.

Rory has lectured on the subject of inquests, and hopes to continue to represent and support families and doctors in what can be a very distressing process for all involved.

Rory has extensive experience of road traffic accident cases involving exaggerated personal injury claims (ranging from whiplash to CRPS), low velocity impacts, staged accidents and phantom passengers. He is also regularly instructed to defend grossly exaggerated claims for credit hire.

Credit Hire

Since joining chambers Rory has gained considerable experience in all aspects of credit hire litigation. He is regularly instructed to advise on, and to draft Defences and Counter Schedules in cases involving substantial claims for credit hire, and he very frequently represents defendants at trials or interlocutory hearings in those cases. In this field he acts almost exclusively for defendants, on whose behalf he has achieved numerous successes – knocking out or substantially reducing grossly inflated claims.

Professional Negligence

The vast majority of Rory’s professional negligence work involves clinical negligence, but he also has experience in cases involving alleged solicitor’s negligence arising out of personal injury litigation. He is a member of chambers’ professional negligence team.


College of Law: BVC – Very Competent

BBP Law School: GDL – Commendation

University College London – BA (Hons) English Literature 2:1