Asbestos Webinar Day


Friday 4th December 2020


14:00 - 17:00



12KBW invites you to our free Annual Asbestos Seminar.

This year we are holding our seminar online, as a live webinar. With two parallel sessions to choose between, throughout the afternoon, members of the 12KBW Asbestos Team will consider topics on both liability and quantum.

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Session 1
Liability for asbestos in schools: a new route?
Michael Rawlinson QC & Megan Griffiths
  Missing evidence and the blame game
Niall Maclean & Tim Goodwin
Session 2
Asbestos at sea
James Beeton
  Piercing the veil of ignorance: actions against company directors
Andrew Watson
Session 3
State Payments for mesothelioma: eligibility & practical tips
Cressida Mawdesley-Thomas
  Apportioning benign diseases: law, tactics and strategy
David Green
Session 4
Asbestos claims & Swift v Carpenter: a new gateway?
John-Paul Swoboda
  Valuing risks of malignancy
Helen Waller
Session 5
Incapacitated dependants
Christopher Fleming
  Asbestosis: claims for future treatment
Max Archer
Session 6
Dependency Part I: claims for income dependency
Ivan Bowley & Rachit Buch
  Life expectancy and the Brackenridge rating – are we taking the right approach?
Aliyah Akram & Spencer Turner
Session 7
Dependency Part II: Witham and the scope of claims for services dependency
Kate Boakes
  Ogden 8: more or less
Harry Steinberg QC

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