12KBW is a leading set of chambers which is recognised for its expertise in all areas of civil law. New tenants in chambers can expect to have the opportunity to develop their practice in the areas which suit their own interests.

Junior members are mentored by more senior members who give friendly practical advice and specialist practice groups help to facilitate development and new tenants are encouraged to participate in marketing and training events for instructing solicitors. In the links below, four of our members discuss how their practices have developed since joining 12KBW.

Nina Ross
Call 2010
Quote icon I specialise in military claims, as well as claims arising out of sexual / physical abuse. What interests me about abuse work is the insight it provides into power dynamics between people and within institutions.
Andrew Watson
Call 2013
Quote icon I came to chambers with a prior interest in employment law: I spent the year before pupillage working as an Assistant Legal Officer at the Free Representation Unit, where I was fortunate enough to act in several cases in both the ET and the EAT.
Kate Boakes
Call 2014
Quote icon I act in international group claims, in particular those brought against UK multinationals and the Government. I have represented victims of harm such as torture, assault, sexual mistreatment and mass environmental damage from countries all over the world including Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, Pakistan, Peru, and Brazil.
Isaac Hogarth
Call 2011
Quote icon Medicine is a fascinating world, and I really enjoy the fact that I am able to continually improve my knowledge of physiology, anatomy, medicine and surgery through this work.