I specialise in military claims, as well as claims arising out of sexual / physical abuse.

What interests me about abuse work is the insight it provides into power dynamics between people and within institutions. The law and the science of abuse claims are interesting too. Abuse work frequently requires you to consider complex legal issues relating to limitation, vicarious liability and causation; indeed abuse cases have been instrumental in changing the law in these areas (A v Hoare; Lister v Hesley Hall; Various Claimants v Catholic Welfare Society etc). The ways in which abuse affects an individual’s cognitive development and mental health is a developing area of science. A large part of my practice involves exploring with psychiatric experts the nature and possible causes of the claimant’s psychiatric condition.

I appeared in X v Kuoni [2019] UKSC 37 (led by William Audland QC): a claim brought under the Package Travel Regulations for sexual assaults committed by a hotel employee in Sri Lanka. The case has been referred by the Supreme Court to the CJEU for a preliminary ruling on a point of European law.

I have also been involved in group litigation in this area including a claim brought by Kenyan orphans who were sexually abused by a British Airways pilot during stopovers in Kenya and another case brought by Thai children who were sexually abused by a retired British teacher in Thailand.

What interests me about military work is the opportunity to learn about the culture of life in the Armed Forces and the many theatres of war in which British troops have participated in recent decades. The facts are varied, ranging from claims for failure to diagnose a soldier’s PTSD after his/her return from combat, to claims for harassment / bullying during training, to claims brought by civilians arising out of the conduct of British military personnel.